When planning a trip to Cuba, there are some things to know and learn about first and foremost. Cuba is open to tourism to many countries, but only due to recent events has the U.S. begun to rebuild its diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba. For the first time in nearly a century, the U.S. and the Republic of Cuba are making an attempt to reconnect, and travel restrictions to the island have been modified, allowing travel within 12 authorized categories. Check out the helpful links below, and find out more information about our top destinations for private flights to Cuba.

U.S. Passports and International Travel

Here you can find recent news on Cuba, what is required to travel there, documents and/or vaccinations you may need. The website says it is illegal for U.S. Citizens to visit Cuba at this time. This is not 100% true. You can visit Cuba as an American citizen, but to do this, you need to travel with a tour provider who has a “People-to-People” license. A tour guide with such a license may help you interact and exchange ideas with the Cuban people, and will set up an itinerary for you as well.

Frequently Asked Questions Related to Cuba

This is a document that is important for any U.S. Citizen traveling to the Republic of Cuba to review. It answers many frequently asked questions, and gives additional information on topics such as embargo and travel. If you have misconceptions or uncertainties about traveling to Cuba, it is best to refer to this document and find if your question has been answered.

United States Interests Section – Havana, Cuba

This website will also give you updated information on the proceedings between the U.S. and the Republic of Cuba. As of now, July 2015, the headlining news are the discussions and plans to re-establish diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Cuba. However, other news may be covered such as events going on in Cuba that the American people have a chance to become a part of. This past April, the U.S. Interests Section partnered with a Washington, DC-based dance group and participated in Habana en Movimiento, an annual street dance festival that takes place in Old Havana, Cuba.

Consular Services

Visit this webpage for assistance on preparing to travel overseas. The majority of the webpage is dedicated to Cuban citizens, but there are is a section on services for foreigners i.e. non Cuban-citizens. You will want to start with the first topic, Tourist Visa, and then work your way down for anything else you may need to review before traveling to the Republic of Cuba.

US Airports for Private Flights to Cuba

Jet Charter Cuba can arrange private flights departing from the following airports within the United States that are authorized for air travel to Cuba.