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Charter a Private Jet to Cienfuegos, Cuba

Jet Charter Cuba arranges private flights to the nautical city of Cienfuegos, situated along Cuba’s most spectacular natural bay. We can arrange your private aircraft to land at (MUCF, CFG) Jaime González Airport, where you can enjoy the beauty and elegance of Cienfuegos, known by many as the Perla del Sur, or Pearl of the South. Whether traveling from the United States or anywhere in the world, newly re-authorized travel allows our Jet Charter Cuba clientele to explore this once forbidden paradise. Chartering a private flight provides extra efficiency, flexibility, comfort, privacy and peace of mind. Keep in mind that there are still a number of restrictions and rules in effect when flying to Cuba. Our team of jet charter service brokers can answer any questions you may have in arranging your charter flight. Request a quote or contact us today to book your private charter flight to Cienfuegos, Cuba.

Top Luxury Hotels and Resorts in Cienfuegos, Cuba

There are a number of terrific hotels and resorts in Cienfuegos to choose from after your private flight arrives in Cuba. While the rest of the island might appear to suffer from economic hardship, Cienfuegos and its touristy sea-side vibe seem to be doing just fine. The Cubanacan Boutique La Union is our top choice, a neoclassical colonial hotel dating back to 1869, where you’re just a 3 minute walk from Parque José Martí and within a 15 minute walk of the beach. The following list of our top choices was created based on factors such as Jet Charter Cuba passenger feedback, location, amenities and online reviews. Once you arrive in Cuba via luxury private jet, our Cienfuegos Jet Charter service brokers can also arrange ground transportation to/from the hotel of your choice.

Cubanacan Boutique La Union
Calle 31 esquina A-54, Cienfuegos, Cienfuegos, Cuba
+534 355-1020
Cubanacan Boutique La Union
Jagua Hotel
Calle 37 No. 1 e/ 0 y 2, Punta Gorda
+537 214-0090
Jagua Hotel
Club Amigo Faro Luna
Carr. Rancho Luna, Km. 18
+537 214-0090
Club Amigo Faro Luna
Casa Pedro y Mayi
8th Ave. #3901-A / 39 & 41
+534 355-7694
Casa Pedro y Mayi
Hostal Ivan y Lili
Street 47 #5604 / 56 & 58
+534 359-7245
Hostal Ivan y Lili

Top Attractions in Cienfuegos, Cuba

Founded in 1819, Cienfuegos is one of the newest cities in Cuba, home to massive nautical potential and a bustling tourism industry. Despite being relatively new, its interesting architecture earned it’s place on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2005. The beauty surrounding the region earned it the nickname “Pearl of the South”, and its favorite son, legendary Cuban singer Benny Moré, used to proudly call it “the city that I like the most” in a song about his beloved hometown. As you approach the city along the Bay of Jagua, you’ll understand why. The city is geographically split into two distinct areas; the colonnaded central zone’s elegant Paseo del Prado and Parque Martí; and Punta Gorda, a thin stretch of land reaching out into the bay with an array of early 20th-century palaces, some of Cuba’s prettiest buildings. Check out more recommendations for things to do after your private flight to Cienfuegos, Cuba.

El Nicho Waterfalls
There are a lot of places in Cuba where you can get away from the city and get lost in nature. The Escambray mountain housing the El Nicho waterfalls is a spectacular example of untouched landscape full of tropical plants, ferns, and trees.
Teatro Tomás Terry
On the northside of Parque José Martí stands a theater hall that is a wonderful example of Creole architecture, and shares French and Italian influences. The best way to spot it is the fold-leafed mosaics at the front. This theater hall hosts many live and musical performances throughout the year. Wedged between this hall and the neoclassical Colegio San Lorenzo is the Teatro Café Terry.

Av 56 #270, between Calles 27 & 29
+53 43 43 51 33 61

Plaza Jose Marti
Said to be the real center of Cienfuegos, you can see people from all walks of life here. Additionally, other attractions, such as the theatre and city hall are in walking distance. If you are an art enthusiasts, then this plaza is a must see, as you can buy contemporary Cuban paintings at a fine price.
Palacio de Valle
The palace is a great way to spend some time sight-seeing and checking out the architecture, but beyond that, most visitors don’t intend on staying for long. However, the entrance fee comes with a free drink to enjoy at the top of the terrace, which makes for a nice moment.
Jagua Castle
Built in the mid 1700s, this castle is officialy known as the “Castillo de Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua.” It was one of many forts used by Spaniards in times of war, much like the El Morrro in Havana, or the San Juan Fortress in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Rancho Luna Beach
Not too far from the city is a wonderful beach with some shade. Many say it is laid back and not usually crowded, especially during the off-season. The only downfall is the travel to get here.
Guanaroca Lagoon
Flamingoes seem to be the big attraction at this lagoon. Aside from the quiet paradise of the lagoon, and the garden of wildlife, your main company will be 100s of wild flamingoes.
Catedral de la Purisima Concepcion
Jardin Botanico Soledad de Cienfuegos
97 hectares make up this Botanical Garden in Cienfuegos, Cuba. Much of this is covered in cacti, though there are other wild plants that a free guide will gladly show you and share what information they can. On site is a small concession stand and shop for postcards.

Km 15 CS, Pepito Tey

Tomas Acea Cemetery
As if ripped out of Greece, this cemetery looks like the many mausoleums you would see in Athens. It is filled with history and friendly guides. This is also the burial site for the firefighters of Cuba, viewed as national heroes.

Local Airports for Cienfuegos Private Flights

Jet Charter Cuba utilizes the following airport to arrange private flights to/from Cienfuegos, Cuba and neighboring areas. Private aircraft for charter flights to Cuba include a Heavy Jet, Light Jet, Mid-size Jet or Turbo Prop.

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