Cuba – A Private Jet Charter Destination

Cuba lies at the crossroads of the Caribbean, and is often referred to as the “Pearl of the Antilles”. Tucked within the warm, tropical embrace of the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Haiti, Jamaica and the Florida Keys, Cuba is the largest of the Caribbean islands, full of vibrant art, soulful music and villages covered with colonial charm. Home to nine world heritage sites along with a population and culture as warm as its climate, Cuba – now accessible again to American travelers – is begging to be rediscovered. The island of Cuba is separated into 15 provinces and one special municipality, Isla de la Juventud. The most popular destinations for private jet charter flights to Cuba include its colorful capital city of Havana, one of the world’s most culturally rich cities; Piñar del Rio is the island’s westernmost province and home to the island’s tobacco farming; Santiago de Cuba is a seaside festival city with colorful Afro-Cuban influence; and Trinidad, a colonial-style sugar purveyor and world heritage site set along the seaside in front of a majestic mountain backdrop. Cuba features more than 3,000 km of exquisite beaches running along turquoise waters. Check out our recommendations below for private charter flights to Cuba.


Havana is the capital of Cuba, and is where much of its history lies. Museums, a castle, and Old Havana all give way to interconnected parts of the city where you can learn much about Cuba. It is often said that Cuba is a step back in time, and Havana is true to the phrase.


Cienfuegos is a city filled with history and national landmarks, such as castles, palaces, and memorials. There are also many natural areas, such as a lagoon, a botanical garden, and the untouched Escambray Mountain. Most of the city is laid back, and a chance to do some sight-seeing or talk with the locals.

Santiago de Cuba

The main location for the revolution, Santiago de Cuba is known for its history. However, there is a lot more to do here than get a history lesson. There are several amusing attractions with great sights and activities to do, and several bars and clubs to enjoy your evening. Definitely worth a visit if you’re looking for something a little different while in Cuba.


When walking through Trinidad, one may feel that there is not much to do or see. The majority of its attraction rely on old plantations and museums, however, once night falls, Trinidad wakes up. Discos and dance clubs, one of which is inside of a cave, become the highlight of anyone’s stay.


A tropical paradise, Varadero is truly the place to getaway. Everyone also has the same idea, and gives Vinales a run for its money as a destination for tourism. However, there are also some luxurious spots to stay whilst in Varadero that others may shy away from. Take a look at what we’ve found that make this a popular destination in Cuba.


Vinales is the most popular destination when visiting Cuba. It has many sought after attractions, and the Vinales Valley contains several of them. Furthermore, many people come to Vinales to see the prehistoric sites, many of which can be found inside caves.

Local Airports for Private Flights to Cuba

Jet Charter Cuba uses to following airports to arrange private flights to/from Havana, Santiago, and other popular destinations within Cuba. To see a list of the authorized United States airports for departures to Cuba, click here.

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